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WRRA / Selaparang airport (INDONESIA)

(persero) angkasa pura i

General Information

Nearest CityMataram
Region/StateNusa tenggara barat
Elevation52 ft.
Time ZoneUTC+8
Location8° 33.6' S, 116° 06' E

Current Weather

Currently unavailable.

Airport map

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Recent departures

2014-11-24 04:37:28 YPDN Ratty in Mew Gull
2014-11-22 14:32:34 WRKK Pierodeni in Douglas DC-3 Paint2
2014-11-20 22:06:11 WRKK Salt_air in DH80 Puss Moth Melrose
2014-11-19 12:07:19 WSSL Spokes2112 in Cessna 414A_fix10
2014-11-17 23:29:55 YPDN Srgalahad in Miles M3 Falcon Major
2014-11-15 22:36:43 WRKK Prb in GeeBee_ModelZ Original
2014-11-11 21:13:33 WRKK Jetbldr in Spartan 7W Executive Eagle
2014-11-11 02:59:12 WRKK Jimmyrfr in Caudron C450 Arnoux
2014-11-09 20:05:15 WRKK Soh Moses in Sikorsky S-43B Pan Am NC16927
2014-11-09 13:40:29 WRKK Willy in GeeBee_Model Z Merc Air
2014-11-05 17:29:56 YPDN Mm in Beech D18S Merc Air Executive
2014-10-29 11:38:10 YPDN Spokes2112 in Executive NC12RS
2014-02-16 01:49:42 YTST Prb in P-51H 'USAF' Long Range
2014-02-16 01:49:35 YTST Wnd in P-51H 'NH ANG SN464376' Long Range
2012-01-10 23:53:04 YCIN Prb in ALPHA ERA-3B Skywarrior "Aggressors"
2010-04-06 20:29:23 WRKK Teson1 in GeeBee_ModelZ Carter's Curse
2009-11-24 16:57:15 WRKK Srgalahad in simTECH Beech 17SW Phillips
2009-11-19 02:00:13 WRKK Highmike in Executive VC
2009-11-15 15:36:44 WRKK Prb in L9_Orion AA Merc Air
2009-11-15 15:07:48 WRKK Skyking53 in Cessna 414A_fix10

Runway Information


Communication Information

BALI APP 119.7 Mhz
119.3 Mhz
TWR 122.2 Mhz


Name ID Type Frequency XPDR Distance Bearing
MATARAM MTM VOR-DME 114.5Mhz 092X At airport At airport
MATARAM GA NDB 330.0Mhz At airport At airport

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