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WIIH / Halim Intl airport (INDONESIA)

(persero) angkasa pura ii

General Information

Nearest CityJakarta
Elevation84 ft.
Airport TypeCivil
Time ZoneUTC+7
Location6° 16.1' S, 106° 53.4' E

Current Weather

Currently unavailable.

Airport map

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Recent departures

2014-11-19 20:46:12 WRRA Salt_air in DH80 Puss Moth Melrose
2014-11-19 14:07:42 WRRA Pierodeni in Douglas DC-3 Paint2
2014-11-15 18:57:56 WRRA Prb in GeeBee_ModelZ Original
2014-11-09 02:01:10 WRRA Willy in GeeBee_Model Z Merc Air
2014-11-09 01:32:40 WRRA Soh Moses in Sikorsky S-43B Pan Am NC16927
2014-11-08 04:02:06 WRRA Jimmyrfr in Caudron C450 Arnoux
2010-05-31 23:05:27 WIOS Teson1 in North American F-86E Sabre 1
2010-05-09 00:49:05 WSSS Buzzbee in F-86 Sabre 10
2010-05-08 05:57:17 WSAP Buzzbee in F-86 Sabre 10
2010-05-03 03:19:15 WSSS Prb in ALPHA KA-3B Skywarrior "Checkertail"
2010-05-03 01:40:59 WSSS Mm in Hawker Hunter F6 XF520
2010-05-01 00:57:08 VVTS Redgreen in HJG C-135A USAF 60-0378
2010-04-30 01:27:04 WSSS Willy in IA33 Pulqui II
2010-04-29 22:06:14 WSSS Soh Moses in ALPHA F7U Cutlass 1
2010-04-26 03:37:05 WSSS Willy in TV-2 US Navy Trainer
2010-04-26 03:12:17 WSSS Maddogk in ALPHA F-86F Sabre VF-21 Grey Tanks
2010-04-25 14:24:39 WSSS Vicious in Vicious Vautour IIN
2010-04-25 00:16:47 WSSS Johnc in A4C VA-144C
2010-04-25 00:16:10 WSSS Dangerousdave in J-29F Tunnan
2010-04-24 23:03:41 VVTS Highmike in CS Boeing 707 Air Force One

Runway Information


Communication Information

HALIM ATIS 128.8 Mhz
Operating Hours: Opr 2300-1600Z
HALIM TWR 118.3 Mhz
JAKARTA APP 119.75 Mhz
127.95 Mhz
127.90 Mhz
JAKARTA ARR 125.45 Mhz
135.9 Mhz
Operating Hours: Opr 0000-1200Z, OT ctc APP.
120.0 Mhz


Name ID Type Frequency XPDR Distance Bearing
HALIM PERDANAKUSUMA HLM VOR-DME 113.3Mhz 080X At airport At airport
HALIM PERDANAKUSUMA AL NDB 215.0Mhz 9.9 nm. 243.5°

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