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PMDY / Henderson Field airport (MIDWAY ISLAND)

U. S. Civil airport wherein permit covers use by transit military aircraft

General Information

Nearest CityMidway
Elevation13 ft.
Airport TypeCivil
Time ZoneUTC-11
Location28° 12.2' N, 177° 22.9' W

Current Weather

Currently unavailable.

Airport map

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Recent departures

2019-03-30 10:21:06 VERC Spookster67 in Boeing 777-200LR Boeing DreamLiner Livery
2015-08-10 23:41:37 PMDY Bob41 in VS SBD VMSB-144
2015-06-06 01:57:13 PANC Ponchovilla in Boeing 747-400 Paint45
2011-12-27 03:33:56 PHKO Srgalahad in P-3C Orion US NAVY VP-47 V2 Non Pod
2011-12-27 03:04:22 PHKO Soh Moses in An-12BK US civil registered.
2011-12-27 03:03:02 PMDY Soh Moses in An-12BK US civil registered.
2010-10-19 14:45:22 PWAK Soh Moses in Lockheed EC-121K Paisano Dos
2010-05-02 17:01:16 PHNL Maddogk in ALPHA F-86F Sabre VF-21 Grey Tanks
2009-05-24 20:51:32 PMDY Buzzbee in North American F-86E Sabre 2

Runway Information


Communication Information

AWOS 3 118.325 Mhz
CTAF 122.9 Mhz
RDO 126.2 Mhz
257.8 Mhz
Operating Hours: Mnt 1900-0400Z.


Name ID Type Frequency XPDR Distance Bearing
MIDWAY NQM NDB 265.2Mhz 1.4 nm. 201.4°
MIDWAY NQM TACAN 265.2Mhz At airport At airport
MIDWAY MDY NDB 400.0Mhz At airport At airport

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