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OMDB / Dubai Intl airport (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

Civil government - (landing fees and diplomatic clearance may be required)
Operating Hours: 24 hour operations

General Information

Nearest CityDubai
Elevation34 ft.
Airport TypeCivil
Time ZoneUTC+4
Location25° 15.1' N, 55° 21.8' E

Current Weather

Currently unavailable.

Airport map

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Recent departures

2019-03-18 22:53:52 CYHZ Spookster67 in Boeing 777-200LR Emirates
2019-02-16 00:00:52 OAHR Jeff W in Hawker Sea Fury FB 11, 805NAS
2019-02-16 00:00:40 OAHR Mm in Hawker Sea Fury FB 11, 799NAS
2019-02-16 00:00:29 OAHR Spookster67 in F7F-3S Unfinished Marines
2019-02-14 03:53:00 OIKB Nbrich1 in F7F-3s Single Seat Metal W/Spinners
2019-01-27 19:53:51 OERT Prbx in Warbirdsim P-51D Mustang "Cripes A' Mighty"
2018-02-18 19:41:36 OMDB Spookster67 in DH80A Puss Moth The Hearts Content X
2013-05-12 01:07:32 VHHX Jeff_w in Boeing Stratocruiser, PAN AM
2010-12-02 21:39:29 OPKC Bry Rosier in Feelthere A319 IAE British Airways G-EUPR
2009-10-28 23:46:57 OPNH Highmike in Piper PA31T1 Cheyenne IA D-IFHZ

Runway Information


Communication Information

ARRIVAL 124.9 Mhz
ATIS 131.7 Mhz
DEP 124.45 Mhz
GND 118.35 Mhz
118.85 Mhz
TWR 118.75 Mhz


Name ID Type Frequency XPDR Distance Bearing
DUBAI DUB VOR-DME 115.7Mhz 104X At airport At airport

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