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EGCC / Manchester airport (ENGLAND)

Civil government - (landing fees and diplomatic clearance may be required)

General Information

Nearest CityManchester
Elevation257 ft.
Airport TypeCivil
Time ZoneUTC 0(+1DT)
Location53° 21.2' N, 2° 16.4' W

Current Weather

Currently unavailable.

Airport map

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Recent departures

2019-02-22 22:06:43 EGSY Spookster67 in Boeing B-17G Paint1
2019-01-09 16:38:42 DA15 Soh Moses in Airspeed Ambassador Mk2 paint1
2016-02-06 23:07:10 KSAT Spookster67 in Boeing 747-400 Paint1
2011-04-29 01:48:16 LIPR Maddogk in B-25J 'Burma Queen'
2010-11-26 18:42:13 EKCH Buzzbee in Dreamfleet Boeing 727-200 Super 27 Freighter CAT
2009-11-17 08:06:15 EGNJ Bond007 in Beech King Air 350 FSMP Airlines
2009-11-16 12:47:33 EGLF Bond007 in Beech King Air 350 FSMP Airlines
2009-02-11 18:08:37 EGNH Flyin Bull in Beech Baron 58
2009-02-11 17:34:39 EGNH Flyin Bull in Beech Baron 58 Paint2
2008-02-15 22:39:19 EGCC Arrvoo in Beech Baron 58 Paint2
2008-02-13 11:55:35 EGOV Fb in Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 WH587 'N260X' (no pods)
2008-02-12 21:29:01 EGWC Bry in simTECH_Do335

Runway Information


Communication Information

APP 119.525 Mhz
118.575 Mhz
121.35 Mhz
Comments: (Call RADAR 119.4 118.575)(Call Director 121.35)
ATIS 128.175 Mhz
121.975 Mhz
CLNC DEL 121.7 Mhz
Operating Hours: Opr 0700-2200Z++ Call DELIVERY
GND 121.85 Mhz
121.7 Mhz
125.375 Mhz
Comments: (121.85 0630-2200Z++, 121.7 OT)
TWR 118.625 Mhz
119.4 Mhz


Name ID Type Frequency XPDR Distance Bearing
MANCHESTER MCT VOR-DME 113.5Mhz 082Y At airport At airport
MANCHESTER MCH NDB 428.0Mhz At airport At airport

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