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CYOD / Cold Lake airport (CANADA)

Dept of national defense canada

General Information

Nearest CityCold lake
Elevation1775 ft.
Airport TypeMilitary
Location54° 24.3' N, 110° 16.7' W

Current Weather

Currently unavailable.

Airport map

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Recent departures

2016-12-18 22:56:05 A43 Dil52 in V4_DC-3_1940
2014-01-12 20:09:33 A43 Venture06 in P-51H 'FS-MP.com' RTWRace09
2014-01-03 01:55:29 CYXJ Bob in Boeing B-17G Aluminium Overcast

Runway Information


Communication Information

APP 124.5 Mhz
322.8 Mhz
398 Mhz
ARR 124.5 Mhz
248.4 Mhz
269.6 Mhz
279.8 Mhz
350.5 Mhz
ATIS 260.0 Mhz
CLNC DEL 120.6 Mhz
230.6 Mhz
DEP 124.5 Mhz
322.8 Mhz
GND 121.9 Mhz
275.8 Mhz
PMSV 344.6 Mhz
TRAN SVCG 308.7 Mhz
TWR 126.2 Mhz
226.5 Mhz
236.6 Mhz
255.7 Mhz
WING OPS 340.2 Mhz


Name ID Type Frequency XPDR Distance Bearing
COLD LAKE YOD NDB 398.0Mhz At airport At airport
COLD LAKE UOD TACAN 082X At airport At airport

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