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Known flights for

Start [UTC] From To Pilot Aircraft State Time Dist. Type
2011-02-14 15:13:13KNTUKACYSalt_airFDG2 P-51Bprimary baton0:59:34302.7 nmRTW Test / salt_air
2011-02-14 15:08:52KNTUKNTUSalt_airFDG2 P-51Bfailed primary baton0:00:341.1 nmRTW Test / salt_air
2011-02-13 15:07:11KNTUME85Salt_airGrumman F8F-1 Bearcatfailed primary baton1:31:58586.8 nmRTW Test / salt_air
2010-12-30 16:25:38MMTCMMTCJohncHellcat F6F-5 VF-3 "USS Yorktown" Drop Tankfailed primary baton0:40:19164.9 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2010-03-10 16:57:57EGUNEGQSSpookster67Vulcanprimary baton0:39:55362.2 nmRTW Test / iFlyOnline

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