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Known flights for

Start [UTC] From To Pilot Aircraft State Time Dist. Type
2012-01-31 23:58:03WPECYMGBDil52F7F-3S Unfinished Marinesprimary baton1:26:19546.4 nmRTW Test / FlightSim
2012-01-30 00:09:33LGAVHEMMDil52ALPHA De Havilland Hornet 0primary baton1:10:19426.0 nmRTW Test / FlightSim
2012-01-24 14:29:54SEMTSPVIDil52P-51H 'USAF' Long Rangeprimary baton1:35:40652.8 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-24 14:17:41SEMTSEMTDil52F8F2 Bearcatfailed primary baton0:05:467.0 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-23 01:10:37CYMMKRDRDil52P-51H 'Ah'm Available' Long Rangeprimary baton1:41:15728.3 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-22 21:54:28PFYUCYVQDil52F7F-3S Unfinished Marinesprimary baton1:15:16457.9 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-22 18:55:09PADUPAMCDil52P-51H 'Ah'm Available' Long Rangeprimary baton1:44:16641.5 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-21 00:47:48CPGWAJJDil52F7F-3S Unfinished Marinesprimary baton1:22:22502.9 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-20 02:51:53YBWPYLHRDil52de Havilland Comet Black Magicprimary baton0:28:3882.5 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-20 01:12:26YAURYBWPDil52Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Kangan Batman TAFE by RealAir Simulationsprimary baton0:32:2548.5 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2012-01-16 22:11:41YPDNYPGVDil52ALPHA De Havilland Hornet 0primary baton0:53:43351.3 nmRTW Test / Non-specified team
2011-12-17 00:08:51KCVXCYAQPrbP-38F Lightning PS2primary baton1:55:39391.0 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2011-12-11 13:57:19FPSTFHAWPrbBoeing 747-400 Paint3primary baton2:53:551,356.8 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2011-12-10 20:43:26FEFFFOGOPrbP-38L-5 Lightningprimary baton1:22:09450.2 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2011-12-10 14:16:41HSSMFZJIPrbF7F-3S Unfinished Marinesprimary baton1:09:22373.9 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2011-01-16 22:10:57NZHNNZAATeson1P-51H 'Ah'm Available' Long Rangeprimary baton0:11:5860.9 nmRTW Test / FlightSim
2011-01-16 21:31:24NZOHNZNPTeson1P-51H 'Ah'm Available' Long Rangefailed primary baton0:16:3791.5 nmRTW Test / FlightSim
2011-01-01 22:34:38SCBESC0CSoh MosessimTECH_Do335v9primary baton1:25:01562.3 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2010-12-31 22:31:22SKRGBarflyA-7D Corsair II 149thfailed primary baton7:28:4944.3 nmRTW Test / Sim-Outhouse
2010-12-04 14:05:47BIEGBIKFN350bcALPHA F7F-3N Tigercatprimary baton0:46:34226.9 nmRTW Test / FlightSim
2010-11-28 08:39:31ESOHENSGG-acfc - MickF8F-2 Bearcatprimary baton0:32:34202.6 nmRTW Test / FlightSim

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