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Known flights for the airport KDIK (airport-info)

Start [UTC] From To Pilot Aircraft State Time Dist. Type
2013-12-14 03:13:51KDIKKMLSN3306txde Havilland Comet Grosvenor Houseok0:47:52130.6 nmTest / N3306TX
2013-12-13 18:59:36KDIKKHLNJsaviatorBoeing 247-Bluegrass Airlinesok2:33:37379.6 nmHolkham Bay / Bluegrass Airlines-Air Mail Div.
2013-12-13 16:03:31KMSPKDIKJsaviatorBoeing 247-Bluegrass Airlinesok2:42:19421.5 nmHolkham Bay / Bluegrass Airlines-Air Mail Div.
2013-12-10 23:53:34D57KDIKN3306txFord Trimotor Eastern Air Transportok0:31:1940.5 nmTest / N3306TX
2013-02-01 21:19:33KRAPKDIKJohnLearjet 45 Limited Editionprimary baton0:31:04168.4 nma generic test event / FlightSim
2009-02-23 07:50:01KDIKKPIRGnoopsterCessna Skylane 182S Paint3primary baton1:28:05180.1 nmRTW 2009 / Sim-Outhouse
2009-02-23 05:53:35CYEGKDIKMosesDouglas A-26C Rosenbalm Aviationprimary baton1:51:25570.3 nmRTW 2009 / Sim-Outhouse
2009-02-23 05:53:25CYEGKDIKMaddogkVeneaviones Turbo Commander 690B WL YV-1050P VCprimary baton1:55:15573.2 nmRTW 2009 / Sim-Outhouse

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