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Known flights for pilots flying the Piaggio P-180 Avanti ProCiv

Start [UTC] From To Pilot Aircraft State Time Dist. Type
2015-01-07 00:31:04URSSRndguyPiaggio P-180 Avanti ProCivcleanup87d 12:29:0046.5 nmavsim 2015 practice / Avsim
2013-01-01 19:46:26YMLTYMLTRndguyPiaggio P-180 Avanti ProCivcrash1:04:01429.9 nmSOH 2013 Practice 1 / Avsim
2011-12-25 21:05:50KMSPKMSPRndguyPiaggio P-180 Avanti ProCivcrash0:08:2824.6 nmAvsim_Practice / Avsim

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