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Known flights for pilots flying the PMDG747-400 UNITED AIRLINES

Start [UTC] From To Pilot Aircraft State Time Dist. Type
2016-02-20 07:52:54CYAWLPHRPaxxPMDG747-400 UNITED AIRLINESprimary baton3:10:431,589.2 nm2016 rtw race official tracking / FlightSim
2016-02-03 01:29:21KPHXKATLPaxxPMDG747-400 UNITED AIRLINEScrash2:33:371,379.4 nm2016 RTW Practice / FlightSim
2012-01-28 21:19:15TXKFLPLAVenture06PMDG747-400 UNITED AIRLINESprimary baton4:01:131,900.9 nmflight sim RTW practice / FlightSim

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