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Known flights for pilots flying the Boeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRace

Start [UTC] From To Pilot Aircraft State Time Dist. Type
2017-02-04 17:13:56MNCIMROCEamonnBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceprimary baton0:25:46146.0 nmAVSIM RTWR Practice / Avsim
2016-02-20 02:45:34MKJPTXKFEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceprimary baton2:29:391,096.3 nm2016 rtw race official tracking / Avsim
2016-02-07 19:03:01PANCPAVDEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceprimary baton0:26:19116.5 nmAVSIM RTWR Practice / Avsim
2016-01-31 22:22:19ENVAENSDEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceprimary baton0:31:22159.9 nmAVSIM RTWR Practice / Avsim
2016-01-24 20:33:18KTNPKBLHEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRacewingman0:13:3463.2 nmAVSIM RTWR Practice / Avsim
2015-02-22 20:57:35UTNNZWTNEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceprimary baton2:05:07989.2 nm2015 RTW Race Official Tracking / Avsim
2015-02-21 00:08:30WADDYPKTEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceprimary baton1:56:40912.3 nm2015 RTW Race Official Tracking / Avsim
2015-02-21 00:00:33WADDWADDEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRacefailed primary baton0:02:490.0 nm2015 RTW Race Official Tracking / Avsim
2015-02-07 18:07:40CYQMCYHZEpwatsonBoeing 737-6EWNGX RTWRaceok0:28:43108.0 nmDuenna 2.0 testing / Avsim

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